Monitoring the Future

What We Do is a skilled team of hardware designers, software engineers, data-analysts and commercial professionals. With our roots in industrial battery and IoT innovation, we have a strong set of complimentary skills that allows us to develop advanced asset monitoring and tracking systems for diverse industries. By applying a user centred approach to understanding problems, we design and develop customer-focused systems that meet the needs and operational requirements of commercial companies.

The enee.platform

The enee.platform gives you the ability to seamlessly monitor, track, analyse and report performance of your assets.

Monitor and Track

Monitor assets via existing sensors and equipment or through the application of IoT devices. Track asset service and maintenance with the eTRACK mobile APP.

Retrieve and Store

Reliable, simple data collection and relay to cloud based servers. The relay provides anywhere connectivity, utilising any available mobile network.

Analyse and Control

Advance data analysis through the application of algorithms, AI and expert human insights. User defined and predictive alerts. Fully customizable and intuitive reporting.

Working with HQ

Union, Albert Square, Manchester M2 6LW